Richard Knott

Richard Knott

Lead Creative

Located in the RDU Area (Chapel Hill, Cary, Raleigh, and Durham) of North Carolina for the last 10 years, I have established deep rooted connections with a wide network of creatives. I believe that collaboration is an essential tool, and together we are always greater than the sum-of-our-parts. Through this network of artists – I leverage writers, social media gurus, filmmakers, programmers, developers, illustrators, and others – and together we work so that your creative projects come together on time and on budget.

My career as a graphic designer began in London where I worked in both factory and agency settings. I am comfortable providing a multitude of functions – everything from creating key art, and conceptualizing a campaign, to providing the art direction necessary to bring that campaign together, to creating a wide range of artworks in a time sensitive manner. The skills I learned in the agency world include the ability to evolve and iterate on ideas as needed, in order to respond positively and improve the project through the feedback I get from clients and other creatives so that we can successfully deliver on a shared vision.

I have come to realize that the instincts I have for composition (that serve me well for graphic design), also form the foundation of my abilities as a photographer. I love to capture the honesty of candid moments, and for those moments to be reflected beautifully, leveraging my technical knowledge of photography.

In my personal life, I enjoy analyzing and solving problems which come in all forms through my passions which include rock climbing, cooking, building and carpentry. I love to make my way through challenges, it makes me feel like I am growing.

I like to think big, see the whole picture, but never forget the importance of the details.