Whisk Creative is devoted to creative graphic design tailored to the needs of our clients, we have a deep understanding of aesthetics and its impact on effective communication. We can help you at any level – from breaking down the basics of who you want to talk to and and how you can talk to them, to taking your message and presenting it in the most compelling and memorable manner. Included here are examples of our Poster Design, Brochures and Presentations, Branding, Marketing and Campaigns, but we would be excited to engage with you on any graphic design, identity, or communications project.


Poster Design

Here at Whisk Creative we spend a lot of our time designing for print. Even with so many choices of communication, posters remain an important device for displaying information. Our key motivation is making information visually compelling whether it is through the use of photography, graphic design, infographics, or other means. We will partner with you to capture your brand, the essence of your event, or the key concepts you want to communicate and help you get your message across.


Brochures and Presentations

Both digitally and in print, multi-page documents such as glossy brochures or slide presentations at events allow us to really break down the hierarchy of the information, figure out how to tell a story, or take the recipient on a logical journey through the information maximizing engagement. We work with our clients to help them create a visual storyline for their slide presentations and brochures so that they get their point across succinctly and beautifully.



We bring creativity and psychology together to assist our clients in the development of brand assets. This is accomplished by working to help them define their brand and the corresponding aesthetics and visuals that serve that brand in ways that not only represent the personality of a business, but also elevate the business’ salience. The end result is a brand that resonates in the market and that makes you the logical first choice for potential clients.


Marketing and Campaigns

Sometimes it pays to take a step back and take a look at what we are doing, other times we want to try something new… in either instance we can help you think through the why and how of a project or campaign, breaking down how to engage people and developing creative ideas to do so.


Deep Cuts

We are so proud of what we do, we wanted a place we could give you more, this is it.